Kathryn L. Kircher founded the Michigan based KLK DESIGN & A R T, a full-service interior architecture & design studio known for its expertise in both residential and hospitality. Kathryn takes pride in receiving recognition for her significant contributions made during her 20 years of leadership on the many transformational projects throughout the Boyne Resorts network.


kathryn l. kircher

From coast to coast, Kathryn successfully completed a diverse range of projects including many mixed-use developments, hotels, restaurants, retail, hospitality installations, corporate facilities, private clubs and luxury homes.

Sentimental of her Family Heritage, Kathryn finds influence and inspiration from her late father, Everett Kircher, a great visionary for development and design. She pursues a life long appreciation for Fashion & Design, coupled with the love of Nature, the great outdoors, travel, recreation, entertaining and music.

Remaining true to her passion for designing exceptional interiors through KLK DESIGN & A R T, her signature eclectic style has been given accolades for using architectural elements such as unique textures, background materials, custom lighting and vintage inspirations that blend harmoniously with the environment.

Kathryn assembled a team of professionals with over 70 years of experience in the design industry. Her mission remains to exceed and satisfy the needs of the client, while providing innovative resources and creative solutions with an overall focus on quality and maximum value.

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